single user desktop databases to multi user client/server applications
add-ons for existing apps or integration components to bridge applications together
simple brochure type web sites to e-commerce web applications to run your business

Software Development Services

AppMill provides various software development services ranging in complexity from simple web pages to full client server business applications. Below are descriptions of the main application development services we provide.

Desktop Applications

Sometimes the web is not the right answer. Desktop applications are ideal for:

  • Single user environments.
  • Business processes that require a very large amount of data processing.
  • Multi-user environments where web hosting is not an option.
Integration Components

Many businesses have already invested significant resources in technology and are not interested in reinventing the wheel. At AppMill, we understand that, and can provide solutions to help tie together the old with the new, and often, the old with the old. This allows your business to keep legacy systems, and save money on new product cost.


A strong web presence is a must for any company or oganization. The web is additionally a great environment for multi-user applications. AppMill can provide the full gamut of web development services:

  • Web Template Design
  • Brochure Web Sites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce Web Applications
  • Custom Business Web Applications

Looking for a starter website or a budget solution for your new company? Review AppMill's selection of Web Templates, write down the item numbers of the templates you like, and give us a call for a low cost quote to customize the template for your needs. You could be up and running with a great website in as little as two weeks!

Not sure which solution is the right one for you? Don't worry - AppMill will help you decide.